Apr 29 2009

NoSquint Firefox Extension

For whatever reason, designers have decided for the masses that tiny fixed text is a good idea for content. Well, it's not. I have 20/20 vision, and often struggle to read text on web pages. What good does it do to have a 20+ inch monitor when you need a magnifying glass to read the text? That's right, none at all.

Annoyed with the lack of user defined controls for the zoom capabilities of Firefox, I did a quick search for add-ons to see what answers were out there. I came across an extremely useful little add-on called NoSquint. NoSquint allows global, and per page zoom levels. And as the title of the add-on would suggest: No more squinting to read text!

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Mar 17 2007

Ditch Windows for Good

Just to give a little background here. I haven't used Windows as a personal desktop, or even for work in about four years now. However, as a developer of web-based applications, I need to test things under Internet Explorer. Or more commonly referred to as Internet Exploder where I tend to lurk on the internet.

On a side note: If any IE devs, who previously promised to get back to me on POST not working with OpenSearch...please respond. It's still broken, and thusly IE is very much earning it's Internet Exploder title.

I've played with various WINE setups. Tried Win4Lin, VMWare, etc. Bottom line is though, I have no desire to use Windows at all.

The solution:

A few months ago I started using an install script for Linux called IEs4Linux. It is a beautifully written script that allows for automated installation of IE5, IE5.5, IE6 and IE7! This uses WINE, in an effective manner. Automagically downloads and configures each installation and drops a nice usable shortcut on your desktop.

Now I'm sure they don't like this much over in Redmond, but it allows me to do my development work and make sure stuff renders correctly through their bastardized implementation of W3C standards.

You can download this incredible script from http://www.tatanka.com.br



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Jan 25 2007

Surviving the MySpace Universe of Garbage

Ok, I just started using MySpace the other day. It has some good points and some extremely bad points. I have been pleased to have reconnected with some friends that I haven't seen in years. Admittedly, that's only because they found me. It's damn near impossible to find anyone. Especially, since when I search my high school for example, I get results with people who weren't even born when I graduated.

There is so much spam on MySpace that it is almost sickening. Also, can't people figure out that there is a site called Flickr.com that will host your photos free of charge and you don't have to get that piece of shit bandwidth exceeded image from photobucket.com.
While I'm on the subject, does everyone think they need to have 10 videos and half a dozen songs that all autoplay? Maybe post your videos on YouTube and put a link to them with a creative description.

I don't expect people to be design geniuses, but holy shit. If you don't know what html is, please, please don't do it. And just because blogthings.com has html to cut n' paste doesn't mean you have to do it. Here are a couple examples of thoughtful creative design: http://www.myspace.com/toe_bee and http://www.myspace.com/mikeindustries

I admit the default MySpace page sucks and is quite plain. But for fucks sake, please leave the design to them if you even avoid viewing your profile out of the fear that you will have a seizure.

Here are my tips for viewing MySpace.
1. Download Firefox Web Browser here. It's free and the only reason you wouldn't be using it is you are truly masochistic. 2. Install FlashBlock, AdBlock and Adblock Filterset.G Updater. 3. Enjoy :)


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Oct 03 2005

Equal Column Height using CSS

I searched around a bit for the proper way to render column heights the same using CSS and div tags.


This is a great example of how to use the DOM and javascript to make the columns render the same height. Works great too.

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Too Cool for Internet Explorer