Sep 17 2006

Flash Player 9 for Linux

This came up in a discussion with my wife. My daughter recently has been blocked from It claims to need Flash Player 8, but as is the case with most of these detection scripts, it's probably BS. I really wish they'd just let me enter anyhow and crash my browser if I like. Anyhow there is a new player in the works now, since Adobe bought out Macromedia. I think this may just be a temporary ploy for good PR, but we'll have to see over time.

Here is the link to the blog with updates on the status of the player. Penguin.SWF.

A couple items to note are that Mike Melanson is the new engineer at Adobe who is porting the player. He is an extremely qualified person for this, having contributed quite a bit to the Linux/multimedia world. It's also interesting to note that he uses Gentoo as his development flavor of choice. Gentoo definately makes an ideal development environment. The only issue will be getting this stuff to work with Debian/RH weirdness. They'll probably just end up packaging a bunch of static libs in the end to get rpms to work.


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Sep 23 2005

Why closed source languages suck.

Ok, I just needed to do something simple today. I wanted to pass a list of files at the command line to jedit like this:

/usr/bin/jedit -reuseview "/path/to/" "/path/to/"

Ok, most any software will accept this as two file paths separated by quotes. But Java? No, Java only sees this as two strings separated by spaces and completely ignores the quotations. So...

/usr/bin/jedit -reuseview "/path/to/path with space/" "/path/to/"

This is interpreted as you want to open four files:


And it opens all four of these files just fine. Now I was quite shocked to find out that this is a bug in the way the Java shell script deals with parameters. And it has been this way for several years! A good example of how the bureaucracy of closed source anything creates situations just like this.

I did however submit a fix to the Gentoo Java Hurd for the jedit executable (bash script), and the fix was committed to cvs. It doesn't allow multiple files to be submitted, but does allow for quotes to enclose a single file name for exclusion of spaces in file names and paths.

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