Sep 06 2005

phpwsCommerce Module Structure

I got a basic import of the module structure into SVN today. Fishing for feedback from the other developers on the project now. In the meanwhile, I'm developing a separate UPS shipping interface that will make it's way into SVN once we have a functional cart.

Hopefully my new ideas about Manager/Item are good with the dev team. It may get shot down, but it is worth a look anyhow.

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Sep 03 2005

New phpWebSite Project


My friend and another phpWebSite developer Don and I have been planning to create a shopping cart for phpWebSite for quite some time. My recent job with a local company here has presented an opportunity for some of this development to be paid for. Don and I gathered a team of the best of the best phpWebSite developers.

Greg Meiste (blindman1344), Ken Nordquist (kenphused), Kenneth Poulsen (oz1biz),
Don Seiler (rizzo), Shaun Murray (singletrack), Michael H. Rasmussen (techelephant) and
Verdon Vaillancourt (verdonv) and I (wendall911).

I'm really excited to be working on the project with these guys. All very fun to work with and have been around phpWebSite for quite some time.

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