Apr 01 2009

Blogging Again

I'm blogging again! I revived my blog from my old server. Upgraded from b2evolution 0.9.4 to 2.4.6 without any problems. Pretty amazing to be able to upgrade. Kudos to Francois Planque and the b2evolution team for doing a fantastic job.

I'm back in the field of educational design after a very long hiatus. I'll be blogging as often as possible about education issues, and pretty much anything else I can think of that might be interesting.

I'll be participating in the Mozilla Open|Web|Content|Education Course. It's a very exciting opportunity to be involved in discussions and projects involving open education.

I've started a photo blog as well. I haven't posted any photos yet. However, if you want access, you'll have to email me.

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Mar 17 2007

Vaccine Blog

An interesting blog on MySpace to read if you vaccinate. Or don't vaccinate. It's informative, and I'm looking forward to more information. You can find the blog here.

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Feb 07 2007

Pedestrian Buffoon


Ok, this story was in fact a Slashdot Troll. I'm embarrassed that I fell for this and even posted a comment. Especially considering the fact that several of the +5 posts almost said exactly what I did in the same tone. Oh, well. Just a place you have to have a bunch of buddies kissing your ass to get good karma on Slashdot. Anyhow, I won't be making this mistake again. I can rant here for free and nobody really cares. Besides, I do actually effect pedestrian legislation in my state. Which, according to the moderators on Slashdot, makes me Flamebait. Anyhow, on to bitter and better rants.


New York State Senator Carl Kruger says he will introduce legislation today to ban the use of electronic gadgets while crossing the street.

I made a comment on the Slashdot discussion about this proposed legislation. Of course, I rarely post any comments on Slashdot, since it's typically moderated by uninformed morons. And I think more often than not, I get modded down because I say what I think. Here is the text of my comment:

I serve on a local advisory board for pedestrian related issues. It's my opinion that this law way oversteps. If we're going to ban electronic devices that make crossing a busy street illegal, why not just ban electric wheelchairs?

Being able to hear certainly helps cross the road safely, however, some pedestrians don't hear well or at all. Should we also ban them from being pedestrians. What about the blind?

It is the drivers responsibility to yield to pedestrians. IANAL, but I think this law will eventually fall flat on its face since it contradicts state law requiring drivers to yield to pedestrians

The fact is, most people think only in terms of drivers. Rarely do they see things from the perspective of the pedestrian. It's useless to try to convince them otherwise. I'm sure not every state senator in New York is foolish enough to not say something about this.

Oh, and by the way. I think this article was a troll. In fact, no legislation was discussed or introduced that pertains to this. In fact, there are several pieces of legislation that have been introduced recently and all are related to pedestrian safety. Not the safety of motorists from pedestrians.


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Feb 04 2007

Firefox Search for East Bonner County Library

A little love here for the East Bonner County Free Library District. Today I realized that every time I need to search for a book at the library, I Google for the location of the library site since I can never remember what the address is. I then click on the "Catalog" link and proceed to search. Then a light bulb went off! I love my little search bar I use in Mozilla Firefox. Being the geek I am, I decided to create a search for it. Props go to Martin for creating the icon.

To install the search, click the link below:
East Bonner County Library Search Install

You'll get a pop-up that looks like this:

Add EBCL Search

Just click add and your book searching life will be transformed.

Email me if you have any issues. And NO, this will not work in IE7. Microsoft in all their infinite wisdom decided to not allow use of form POST, so it will not work. That's great though. Yet another point to illustrate the superiority of Firefox.



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Jan 30 2007

Renewable Fuels Documentary

I've just viewed Freedom Fuels. It briefly covers the history of alternative fuels and the suppression of them by the petroleum industry.

Overall it is fairly well done. I think I could have done without seeing Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson. I don't ever feel that has-been performers ever add anything to documentaries.

This film was the winner of the Environmental Preservation Award, 2006 Artivist Film Festival.

You can download the film from my site if you email me and ask for the url, or from here:



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