Feb 07 2007

Pedestrian Buffoon


Ok, this story was in fact a Slashdot Troll. I'm embarrassed that I fell for this and even posted a comment. Especially considering the fact that several of the +5 posts almost said exactly what I did in the same tone. Oh, well. Just a place you have to have a bunch of buddies kissing your ass to get good karma on Slashdot. Anyhow, I won't be making this mistake again. I can rant here for free and nobody really cares. Besides, I do actually effect pedestrian legislation in my state. Which, according to the moderators on Slashdot, makes me Flamebait. Anyhow, on to bitter and better rants.


New York State Senator Carl Kruger says he will introduce legislation today to ban the use of electronic gadgets while crossing the street.

I made a comment on the Slashdot discussion about this proposed legislation. Of course, I rarely post any comments on Slashdot, since it's typically moderated by uninformed morons. And I think more often than not, I get modded down because I say what I think. Here is the text of my comment:

I serve on a local advisory board for pedestrian related issues. It's my opinion that this law way oversteps. If we're going to ban electronic devices that make crossing a busy street illegal, why not just ban electric wheelchairs?

Being able to hear certainly helps cross the road safely, however, some pedestrians don't hear well or at all. Should we also ban them from being pedestrians. What about the blind?

It is the drivers responsibility to yield to pedestrians. IANAL, but I think this law will eventually fall flat on its face since it contradicts state law requiring drivers to yield to pedestrians

The fact is, most people think only in terms of drivers. Rarely do they see things from the perspective of the pedestrian. It's useless to try to convince them otherwise. I'm sure not every state senator in New York is foolish enough to not say something about this.

Oh, and by the way. I think this article was a troll. In fact, no legislation was discussed or introduced that pertains to this. In fact, there are several pieces of legislation that have been introduced recently and all are related to pedestrian safety. Not the safety of motorists from pedestrians.


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Jan 24 2007

Spoken Word Parental Advisory

I admit. I talk like a drunken sailor. So, since I saw this little warning on another site, I figured like any good geek, I would create a vector rendering and post it on my site.

Parental Advisory: I Say Fuck Alot


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Oct 01 2006

"If I were one of these sickos..."

If you hadn't noticed, Republican congressman Mark Foley resigned on Friday 9/29/2006. He had been sending pederastic sexually explicit instant messages and suggestive emails to underage boys who were congressional pages.

There is a very interesting video on YouTube where he is quoted as saying "If I were one of these sickos, I'd be nervous...", and maybe he was.

It's becoming more and more common that "upstanding" members of our communities are being found to be child molestors. It confirms what I've thought for years, that the reason child molestors are so protected by the court system is that high profile positions, even in churches are perfect refuges for these criminals.


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Sep 25 2006

Noam Chomsky - America Not a Democracy

Some very interesting footage from a Noam Chomsky lecture.

Chomsky explains the political theory behind the idea that America was not setup as a democracy, but as what political scientists refer to as a polygarchy or polyarchy.

He has discussed this topic many times in the past in reference to globalization.

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Sep 20 2006

Upcoming Elections

Since elections are coming up soon. I wanted to point out some issues that most people try to keep dumb about, but really should look into. Here is a very recent headline:
Worst Ever Security Flaw Found in Diebold TS Voting Machine

I found a site that has some very appropriate posters created to illustrate the LIE that is Diebold voting machines.

That information is protected under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act!

Some things in this country are in a really sad state. When you have corporations in charge of critical government functions, problems will arise. The film The Corporation illustrates the issue. I think it's very accurate to compare the soul of a corporation to a psychopath or sociopath.


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