Feb 04 2007

Firefox Search for East Bonner County Library

A little love here for the East Bonner County Free Library District. Today I realized that every time I need to search for a book at the library, I Google for the location of the library site since I can never remember what the address is. I then click on the "Catalog" link and proceed to search. Then a light bulb went off! I love my little search bar I use in Mozilla Firefox. Being the geek I am, I decided to create a search for it. Props go to Martin for creating the icon.

To install the search, click the link below:
East Bonner County Library Search Install

You'll get a pop-up that looks like this:

Add EBCL Search

Just click add and your book searching life will be transformed.

Email me if you have any issues. And NO, this will not work in IE7. Microsoft in all their infinite wisdom decided to not allow use of form POST, so it will not work. That's great though. Yet another point to illustrate the superiority of Firefox.



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